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Hard waste recycling machine
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Hard waste recycling machine

Hard waste& garment waste tearing lines for respinning, high efficient and good quality regenerated fibers.
Suitable for a variety of textile waste from clothing, household textiles, weaving waste, mattresses and much more.
Complete lines from a capacity of 260kg/h to 1000kg/h.
The machines are modular and configuration is tailored to the specific raw material and its properties. This ensure we can get good quality fibers from different materials.
  • DZ-YDF6010+6013

  • Yaoda

Product Description

Hard waste& Garment recylcing line.


We produce complete lines for textile recycling of all kinds of waste textile to obtain a fibre that can be reused in spinning and non-woven processes.

Waste textile recycling line machine.

1.This line is used to process waste cotton yarn, fabric, cloth, the final fiber use for spinning.
2.The spinning fiber production capacity of the line is 300-1000kg/h.

3.The floor area can be adjusted according to the user's workshop.

Advantage of the Pre-opening Machine


Piano type feeding unit

Can be applied in multiple material feeding.

Not affected by product status, quality, type, can also be very smooth feeding.

Different than traditional feeding unit.

High Productivity.


Pins type licker-in

Different than wire type licker-in.

Higher tearing force.

More gentle tearing action.

Increase opening efficiency.

Decrease fiber damage and keep good fiber length.


No dust cage exiting unit

Different than traditional who use dust cage.

Higher productivity.

Higher stability due to simple structure.

No material accumulation in dust cage.

Advantage of the Pre-opening Machine

DZ Series Fine-Opening Machine备份 4

Double side air suction structure in dust cage

1.Better Fiber Quality

2.Different than single side suction, can get more eveness cotton layer.

3. Easy to cleaning and maintain the machine.

4. Single side suction is hard to adjust airflow, so the evenness of cotton layer is bad- thick in middle and thin in both side. Opening degree is not satisfied.

DZ Series Fine-Opening Machine备份 3

Cotton layer detecting and breakage warning

1.Once cotton layer is broken, manual operation can be applied in time to avoid fiber accumulation.
2. Higher efficiency of machine running.

Material accumulate detection and automatic cleaning function
1. Fiber accumulate in dust knife will influence the performance of trash removing, so that decrease the final product quality.
2.Dust knife is located in bottom of licker-in which difficult to clean by manually. With this function, high efficiency can be reached due to free of maintenance.

What kind of materials we can do.

Waste Cotton: Blowroom, Card Sweep cotton, Noil cotton.
Pre-Customer Materials: Yarn Waste, Selvedge, Fabrics( weaving/knitting, not worn), Garments (weaving/knitting, not worn)
Post-Customer Materials: Garments(weaving/knitting, used)







Q: What's the price of the line?
A: The recycling line need according to different materials to make the plan and send the quotation.    
Q: Are you factory or trading company?
A: We're manufacturer and we have our own trading company.
Q: Is this an environmentally friendly product?
A: Yes.
Q: Is it easy to operate?
A: Yes, it easy to operate.
Q: How many employees does one production line need?
A: 2-3 people.
Q: What kind of services do you offer?
A: One year warranty. Vulnerable parts are excluded.
Q:How's the after-sale service?
A:We offer engineers available to service overseas under merchandisers supervision and translation.
Q: Can we test materials in your factory?
A:Sure, we have test machine in our workshop.


Specializing in all kind of waste textile recycling line.



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